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The Hope for Gaza

The IDF has permitted Gaza to receive the entry of construction material for two housing projects and 18 new schools. Starting last June, Israel cautiously permitted the entry of construction materials for 150 different projects in the Gaza Strip; this includes water and infrastructure projects as well as 42 United National Relief and Works Agency schools.

Chana Ya’ar of Israel National News indicated that:

“Until recently, materials such as cement, gravel and metals were on the “no go” list for import into Gaza due to the potential use by Hamas and other terrorist groups in the manufacture of weapons and the construction of smuggler tunnels and military bunkers.”

Meanwhile, according to Jerusalem Post:

“In related news, Israel Radio said that Israel was continuing its attempts to determine where the kidnapped Schalit was being held in the Gaza strip, sending out text messages offering $10 million for any information on the whereabouts of the hidden soldier.”

The article continues:

“An Egyptian source denied any progress in the prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel in regards to kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit who enters his sixth year in captivity this week, London-based al Hayat reported Wednesday. The source also told al Hayat that he had received a letter from Hamas with a message for Israel saying the Gazan group was willing to restart negotiations and even reduce the number of prisoners Hamas demands be freed in exchange for Schalit.”

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  1. israel: Miracle in synagogue: Grad fails to explode!

    Yeshiva students praying at Ashdod shul say prayer had saved their lives after rocket hits structure, fails to explode.
    While 10 people were injured after a Grad rocket hit an Ashdod yeshiva’s courtyard, a much bigger disaster was averted just several blocks away. A rocket which landed near a synagogue where several worshippers prayed failed to explode on Friday.

    “No doubt our prayers saved us,” one of the yeshiva students said. The synagogue was eventually demolished as security forces worked to clear the rocket parts. “This was a miracle,” another yeshiva student said.

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