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Israel’s Number One Rapist (8th President) Goes to Jail

Today Katzav Israel’s 8th President is going to prison. He will be enjoying the State’s hospitality for Seven years thanks to his idiotic defense and barbaric nature.

You see Katzav still believes that wagging his ding dong at women who work for him is not a big deal. He claims that Israel has become like Saudi Arabia and that the Supreme Court in Israel was against him from the start.

When you take a look at the trials and legal fiasco you realize that Katzav (and his ding dong) was his own biggest enemy. He had a chance to get a reduced sentence and bow out gracefully but at the last minute he exploded (on live TV no less) and basically kissed his ass goodbye.

Bon Voyage Katzav!


  1. Katzav the “national” Rapist is still trying his luck at the supreme court,
    he has the audacity to keep pushing and act like the insulted “Tzadik”.

  2. Katzav denials of the crimes he commited just make it worse
    in the eyes of the court and the people.

  3. Katzav ignores the possibility that the Supreme court in some
    cases may come to a decision to increase his sentence, then
    he will find out the court does not necessarily falls for his exercises.

  4. Doesn’t the expresident have a little bit of self respect ?
    the party that appointed him at the time must be embarassed,
    he should repent and accept the ineviteable and stop
    wasting the courts time.

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