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Is Israel’s New War Necessary?

Daniel Pipes, a world renowned commentator and author, wrote an article to both the New York Sun and Jerusalem entitled: Israel’s Unnecessary War. The gist of the article dealt with Israel’s past dealings with both the Palestinians and Hezbollah, including pulling out Lebanon in May, 2000, as well as last summer’s disengagement from Gaza. He also pointed out that many think that this new conflict is mainly for the purpose of obtaining the release of two kidnapped soldiers from the Hezbollah, as well as a third from the Palestinians. While the two incidents that resulted in these kidnappings and deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers may have been the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, they are not the main reason for the intense fighting that is now occurring on no less than three fronts, including the West Bank.

Lebanon war 2006Israel has had to deal with entities who want nothing more than to destroy the Jewish State – to “wipe it off the face of the map” as Iranian president Ahmadinejad so graphically expressed it. Even deceased Yassir Arafat, who often proclaimed himself to be Israel’s ‘partner for peace’ gave covert orders and permission for suicide bombers to blow themselves up on Israeli busses, at shopping malls, and at discotheques. On Israel’s northern borders, the Hezbollah were causing problems years before former P.M. Ehud Barak consented to pull Israel’s troops out of the so-called ‘security zone” which had been set up to keep these forces for firing their Ketusha and other types of missiles into Israeli towns and cities. We all now see that what is going on, from Hezbollah’s viewpoint anyway, has in the works for years. Even Nashrallah himself admitted that his organization had been building up their armament for years, getting for such a day. When they well able fill in the vacuum that had been created, following Israel’s pullout, Israeli border towns and settlements suddenly found themselves facing the smiling and bearded faces of Hezbollah fighters, now occupying positions that both the IDF and the SLA (Southern Lebanese Army) had been occupying – even using equipment that Israel, due to lack of time, had not been able to bring back.

An unnecessary war? War in itself is never pleasant, and is always filled with horrors and human suffering. Many wars are necessary, however, in order to defeat forces of darkness who want to shut off the lift of freedom and enlightenment that would set back civilization to a darker era. The recent article comparing Israel’s present plight with that of England in the early days of WWII is a sterling example. Just look what is presently going on in Israel’s north, with more than a million people living in shelters, and with more internal death, injuries, and property damage than any war fought by the Jewish State since the War of Independence in 1948-49. And this destruction is far from being over, with fears that it could reach Israel’s center; and even Jerusalem as well.

A lot of talk about Israel government policies, including the pull out for Gaza, organized by Ariel Sharon, and a possible future one form the West Bank, have been criticized by many, with the belief that is has weakened Israel’s position with it’s enemies. These matters are open to interpretation and discussion and the final outcome will only be known years from now. The question before all of us living here in this new reality is whether we will ever be able to live ‘side by side’ with these people (i.e., the Palestinians) at all. Lebanon is another matter, and though the Lebanese have virtually no kind feelings toward Israel at present, they may change their minds one day when they have their country back – out of the hands of those who want to change it into something that the majority of those Lebanese, who went out into the streets of Beirut to celebrate the withdraw of Syrian forces, would not like to happen. Few if any of them would like to see their country turned into another Islamic republic, like Iran.

And this war, as painful for them as it is, will hopefully help them realize the dawn of a new day.

Summer Rain or Summer Cloudburst – Is Israel Going Too Far?

Israel’s current military maneuvers in the Gaza Strip appear to keep going on with no one really knowing how for it will go. Initiated from the outset due to the continuous barrage of Palestinian launched Kassam missiles, and actually sparked off by the commando-like attack by Palestinian militants on an Israeli armor unit that resulted in the deaths of two IDF soldiers and the abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the operation seems to have reached a point where many people are wondering where it will end. Demands by Cpl. Shalit’s kidnappers appear to be changing as well; from Israel releasing at least 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, to a much smaller group including women and ‘long term’ prisoners – many of whom actual terrorists. Regarding the new demands, this time by the Hamas organization itself, one might understand their willingness to help find a solution to this problem as a number of their own governmental ministers and other higher ranking cohorts are currently ‘guests’ of the Israel government, who regard them as bargaining chips in any negations to free Shalit.

The painful unilateral pullout from Gaza by Israel, in which 22 settlements were dismantled and many of their occupants literally carried out of their homes, was hoped to solve a lot of problems concerning Israeli-Palestinian relations by giving the Palestinians an entire parcel of real estate upon which to begin building what might eventually become a homeland and country for them. Subsequent events occurring afterwards, including a continuance of Kassam launchings, as well as the Hamas landslide political victory in January 2006, began to indicate that the Hamas-led PA Authority not only has no intention of making peace with Israel but has even formed closer bonds with countries like Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Islamic Republic of Iran. Even Al Qaeda is alleged to be operating in PA areas in even greater numbers, and are suspected of being jointly involved in Palestinian terror operations as well.
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The Left, the Right and the Undecided – Election Time in Israel

Post and Photos By Niv Calderon

Elections in Israel - Photo by Niv Calderon
A common conversation these election days is apathy. Many people are saying they are not going to practice their democratic right to vote. Why? Many reasons.

Some say they no longer care and that “every one” is the same crap. Some say it’s the corruption and that they don’t believe anyone anymore, and some say their vote wouldn’t make a difference anyway.
These are all examples of known reasons already spoken out in the media. I wish to add a more, let’s say, “sociological” explanation.

1992 was the last ”normal”, once-every-four-years election. Since then, Rabin was murdered in 1995, Peres lost to Netanyahu in the early elections of 1996 when buses started exploding in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu was Kicked out in 1999 by Barak who too was kicked out two years later in 2001 by Sharon who was reelected again in 2003.
The right wing dominion in Israel starting from the late 70’s through the 80’s with a short break in the 90’s shows us that there are more Rights in Israel than Lefts. Makes sense? Maybe? I think differently.
To start at the end, I think we are dealing here with a vicious circle. I don’t think there are more people on the right then the left. I think the numbers are about even, maybe more leftists but less left voters are coming to vote. So why is it vicious you ask, and why a circle? There’s a simple answer to that.

Israel 2006 Elections
The less leftists voted – the less left power there is. The less left power – the less difference they can make. The less difference they make – the more left voters will not vote. A vicious circle.

And then comes someone like Ariel Sharon. Suddenly at the age of 70 something he realizes he was wrong, takes the 2003 Avoda/Meretz agenda (primarily Amram Mitzna’s), of disengagement from Gaza and makes it happen. At an instant he takes the core ideology from the Left wing, “centralizes” it, declares ownership and a new political movement is born, a “new-age” center movement.

From that point on in history, with the dilemmas we face daily, when we are finally wiling to deal with and take responsibility of our civil and social status and worry not only about our lives and the terror we are so tired of, from that point on, the center (unless it dissolves and breaks right again) will include the Left. It represents a new stage in the evolution of the Israeli democracy, a new state of mind.

Election Fever

by Liza Farachdel

Three weeks away from the elections, and I haven’t a clue yet as to who will get my vote. First of all, given the recent game of musical parties (similar to musical chairs, except that when the music stops, you’ve got to join whichever party you happen to be closest to; strangely, the maturity level of the players is very similar to the maturity level of those who play the actual musical chairs game), I can’t keep track of which politicians are in which parties.

With politicians switching alliances more frequently than I change clothes (does that say more about them or more about me? Never mind, don’t answer that…), it’s impossible to know what any of them truly believe, which, unsurprisingly, directly affects my ability to actually believe anything they say.

What makes these elections more interesting, though, are the repercussions that recent Palestinian elections will have on the various party platforms. Parties that previously advocated peace talks as a primary feature on their agenda are being forced to search for different issues on which to focus, given that negotiating with Hamas is not really seen as a big vote-getter these days. As such, security continues to be an important issue, especially now that an organization advocating Israel’s destruction has become the major player in the Palestinian political scene. Welfare and economic issues are also featuring prominently, with each of the main parties scrambling to get its message across that only their party can save the economy and the country.
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Etgar Keret: Israel’s best-selling author

Etgar Keret (left) and Samir el-Youssef at a literary conference in Israel.

Etgar Keret, 38, is an Israeli author whose many collections of short stories have all been best sellers. His parents are Holocaust survivors; his sister is ultra-Orthodox, married, the mother of 11 and lives in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighbourhood; his brother is one of the leaders of the movement to legalize marijuana use in Israel.

Samir el-Youssef is a Palestinian author of satirical novels who grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Today he lives in London.

Keret and el-Youssef first met and became friends in 2000, at a meeting of Arab and Israeli writers in Switzerland. While everyone else at the event was busy flinging out the usual tired old political slogans and playing the blame game, Etgar and Samir discovered that they had a lot in common. They were both born in the 1960s and came of age during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon – an event that affected their lives profoundly. Neither identifies with a political leader: El-Youssef is critical of Yasser Arafat, and Keret of Ariel Sharon. And both believe that the human connection is more important than politics. Change, said Keret, will come from the bottom up – when people from both sides of the conflict transcend the political framework, leave aside conventional ideas and thus humanise each other.

During the height of the recent intifada, el-Youssef called Keret from London and suggested that they collaborate on a book of short stories. The result, Gaza Blues, became a best-seller in Europe. The two authors are now close friends. Last year el-Youssef made his first visit to Israel, to attend the Jerusalem Book Fair, and gave a joint presentation with Keret.

Keret’s stories are anything but conventional. He has a wild imagination, a fantastic sense of humor, and he takes his readers on crazy trips with totally unpredictable twists and unexpected endings. He writes about intimacy, love, death, grief, and friendship – all the things that are so much more important than the most recent speech given by a famous politician. And he makes you think.
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Omri Sharon gets 9 month jail term

Omri Sharon, Ariel Sharon’s son was just sentenced to 9 months in prison. The court also sentenced him to 9 months on probation and a 300,000 fine. His sentence to run in 6 months due to his father’s condition. Omri Sharon pleaded guilty to charges of lying and illegal political financing. The judge in her summary of the case said “that admiration of ones father doesn’t make everything kosher”. Omri’s legal consel said they are likely to appeal the sentencing.

Election Billboards with 49 Days to go

Had a chance to take a look at the election billboards out there, the following is a selection from the streets and highways.

I found Benjamin Netanyahu all over the place – same “scary” message everywhere. What’s interesting is that the Likud site is down for a while now, it just says “Closed for renovations”. Better hurry guys this thing is almost over !!! The picture in the billboard was taken 10 years ago and there has been some criticism of its use in this campaign.

Likud in Israel Elections

The message out there is simple and I found only one message out there:
Strong Against The Hamas
Only Likud Netanyahu

So the idea is that we are all worried about the Hamas and that Benjamin will be strong against them and save us all. Did I mention that the public’s response and interest in these elections has been exceptionally low. ..Can you guess why?

Saw a bunch of the Meretz billboards and they have some good slogans. A little more to do with some sort of an agenda. They also had more then one type of message out there. To put it in context Meretz is accused of being very right wing and tolerant of anything really. In this campaign they are trying to hit on all the possible markets. The party has recently been accused by the Green Leaf Party (Aleh Yarok) of supporting the legalization of pot and kidnapping their political agenda. But that’s another story.
The second billboard has to with the corruption and scandals associated with the exiting government. This 16th Knesset had the highest accusation and conviction rate in Israel’s history.

Meretz Campaign Billboards

Arab Lovers
and Homosexuals, and Lesbians, and Women, and Senior Citizens and Students


Meretz Campaign in 2006 Elections

This is a hard translation but the idea is:
Bleeding Heart Liberals
Better then Corrupt and Soulless”

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Pat Robertson a friend in need

The good folks at Political Zing had an interesting question inlight of recent comments by Pat Robertson.

“We’ve got a question regarding Pat Robertson’s statement that God gave Ariel Sharon a stroke because he allowed Israel to be divided.”


From Ariel Sharon to Arik

Today’s Headlines

Maariv: picture of Ariel Sharon when he arrived at the hospital.

Maariv headlines - Sharon Jan 2006

The quote says: ”I don’t need you to take me to hospital, tomorrow I am going to be there anyway”. This was the angry response of the Prime Minister when his son Gilad wanted to take him. Even in the ambulance, when he met his doctor, Sharon insisted: “now that you saw me, can I go home? He then collapsed.
Yediot Ahronot: Shows a picture with the title “Praying”.

Yediot Ahronot - Sharon Jan 2006

Haaretz photogrpaher Lior Mizrachi took this amazing picture of Ehud Olmert next to Sharon’s empty chair.

Ehud Olmert without Sharon

The news just announced a worsening of Ariel Sharon’s condition. I planned to write this before the news and it seems more appropriate now. The newspapers are full of stories and articles on Arik Sharon and the void he leaves behind. I was thinking about how we as a nation have gotten to the point today that we feel this sense of loss. How did Ariel Sharon become Arik?

What made this man, a man hated and ridiculed by so many, the media, people and world opinion all of a sudden so loved? I am saying loved because there is no other way of describing it. You can feel a sense of loss and confusion. It shows itself in people’s faces, less then busy coffee shops and the non stop broadcasts and at times misty broadcasters that recall interviews. This is a collection of excerpts, stories and experiences collected from a variety of sources. I hope it shows a true picture of what we feel here. It is as impartial as possible.

I was watching last night a special Yair Lapid show on Channel 2 TV. He broadcast bits from an interview he held November 2005. The interview was at his home in Hashikmim Farm – there in the kitchen they sat down and in a typical Israeli straight forward, candid way, had a chat. I can’t provide a script of the interview but here are a few quotes:

Yair: What is your biggest fear?
Sharon: Blind hate.
Yair: Tell me something people don’t know about you?
Sharon: I like romantic movies, films that women like.
Yair: I heard that you never read the articles about you. Is that right?
Sharon: I wake up at 5:30 every morning and I only have an hour to take a look at the papers. I don’t get much time. I get to the office and then I am there until 11:00PM sometimes later.
Yair: You don’t take a nap in the afternoon, a break?
Sharon: I wish I did, but I can’t do it.
Yair: What about in the car, on the way to and from places? Can’t take a nap there?
Sharon: I rather look out the window, see the fields, the changing seasons. Don’t want to miss a chance to see the country.
Yair: How do you pamper yourself?
Sharon: I like to take a walk in the fields and around the farm. Look at the livestock.
Yair: I heard that you don’t go out to restaurants much. I believe it was 4-5 dinners in 4 years. Is that right?
Sharon: Yes, but as you can see from looking at me, I enjoy good food at home. It hasn’t slowed me down.(they laugh).
Yair: What’s your favorite food?
Sharon: I like the lentil soup we make here.
Yair: you have a special relationship with George Bush. Some people say that its because he can’t really manage long sentences.
Sharon: I don’t know about his inability to say long sentences. But actually who needs long sentences.

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Still Here – A day after Sharon’s Stroke

Last Battle Ariel Sharon Jan 2006


The Yediot Ahronot headline says it all: “The Last Battle”. Today the media is covering every aspect of Ariel Sharon’s hospitalization and the Hemorrhagic Stroke he suffered. Hadasa Ein Kerem Hospital manager Shlomo Mor-Yosef in a recent announcement informed us that Sharon is under sedation and will remain in the position for at least the next 24 hours. He underwent 9 hours of surgery and he is in critical but stable condition.

The international media and the whole world is covering the events here. Some are already eulogizing Sharon, providing background pieces on his political history. They present a grim outlook and a chaotic time for Israel. Nervous investors in the Tel Aviv Stock exchange caused a drop of 5-6% in the early hours of the day but drops have stabilized. Trading volume did reach an all time record today.

Last night Ehud Olmert received the official transfer of power. He is the prime minister and will remain in that position in all likelihood until the elections March 28. Israel is a democratic country with a strong governing body and political process. Unlike some other western world countries it may have a rough, unpolished spirit and mannerism about it, but at the end of the day, the powers to be are reliable and level headed individuals. We are still here and we are not going anywhere. To all the doom prophets out there that are hyping the situation and are forecasting the demise of Israel and the hopes for peace – You are full of CRAP!

All through the night and during these events, Sharon’s staff and advisors behaved professionally and responsibly, providing frequent and accurate updates. They have learned from working with Sharon well. Keeping a level head and their eye on the ball, they continue to function and all government offices and activities are continuing as scheduled.

In a morning session Ehud Olmert made the announcement today of Sharon’s medical condition and his wishes for a speedy recovery. The overall feeling is one of cooperation and camaraderie. Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud ministers have placed their resignation on hold until further notice. The Likud ministers were supposed to resign from government this week at Netanyahu’s demand.

The Arab world is not sad to see Sharon go. The Palestinian Authority’s official message is a wish for a speedy recovery but the street is different. Some celebrating and political leaders that say that his departure is a good thing. Better for Palestinian Israeli relations.
We watch the news and wait – but we’re all still fine, thank you.


In a press conference given by Shaul Mofaz, Minister of Defense, explained that all matters of security are being managed and that all through this difficult time all security and defense is being actively monitored and in full effect. The security ministry fully supports and stands at the service of the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Ariel Sharon Hospitalized

Ariel Sharon January 2006 In a press conference just given at Hadassa Ain Kerem the news was announced that Ariel Sharon was rushed to hospital when he was reportedly feeling unwell. He has been hospitalized tonight at 11PM. He suffered a “Significant Stroke” and will have to under go surgery. A short time ago the legal team has transferred authority of government to Ehud Olmeret as Sharon will be placed under full unaesthetic. Sharon was due to go through a procedure to repair a heart defect tomorrow.

11:50 PM

In a second announcement a few minutes ago, Ariel Sharon has gone into surgery.

11:57 PM

After an MRI exam the prognosis of hospital staff was that Atiel Sharon suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. He will undergo surgery immediately.
The feeling is that this is a high risk surgery and there exists a significant risk to his life.

I wish him well and hope the surgery is a success.

00:15 AM

In a phone interview on Channel 10 TV News a hospital source claimed “stroke was massive”. The commentary speaks of the severity of the stroke and the low chance of recovery. It seems that the damage done will prevent him from returning to office in the short term.
Sharon May Not Recover reports Sky News, this was mentioned now in local broadcasts.Article Here!
“Majority of sufferes of these magnitude stroke will need at the least 6-8 months in recovery. Severe effects are likely in these cases.

A CNN Report here.

00:45 AM

Channel 2 News Reporting

Channel 2 News Sharon in Hospital

Hadasa Ein Kerem - Tonight

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Political Wrap up with 88 days to go

Well we took a break from the elections but there’s no avoiding it any longer. They are coming. So what has happened in the last couple of weeks in politics you ask? All images are from Arutz 2’s “Eretz Nehedert”.

Bibi on Eretz NehedertWell Bibi (Benjamin Neyanyahu) is leading the Likud. “Killed” Silvan Shalom real quick. I believe the term Silvan used when he heard the score was equivalent to “we’re screwed”. And they were. He did offer Silvan the number 2 spot though to keep the peace. Silvan took the job. What else.

Bibi was real happy and came into Likud HQ all Gung Ho.. First item of business was an attempt at getting rid of Moshe Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud and what is considered the “radical” element in the party. Bibi also wants to clean house so he is suggesting that the Likud charter be changed to ban all members who spent more then 3 months in prison. This would again prevent Feiglin from running on the Likud ticket, he was convicted in 97 for incitement. He is expected to withdraw from running for Knesset and is expected to make the announcement Sunday. In recent polls the Likud is gaining and is now expected to get 14 seats, 21 for Labour and 39 for Kadima.

Labour is sliding a little. Shelly Yachimovich is out in the field. In an interview this weekend she voiced her support of the economic and social agenda and her severe, really severe dislike for Eretz Nehederet, the show that has included her in the usual cast of characters. In a TV interview she had with Yaron London she was grilled and then lashed back at the interviewer. Sour grapes from the media world on her departure according to her. An intelligent and articulate woman she is an intensive advocate of women’s rights, raising the minimum wage and better conditions for the working class. Maybe wound a little too tight though.

A little hostility there between her and Alon Pinchas, ex consol in New York and Labour contender. The latter claiming that Labour needs to have a national and political agenda that goes beyond becoming the “welfare party”. If Peretz is to make any headway he needs to concentrate more on the security, national and political agenda and gain the votes that are concerned with those issues. Seems like there is something there, polls also show this week that there is some concern about the capabilities of Amir Peretz as Prime Minister (40% in one survey) and his lack of experience in matters of security.

In Kadima things are holding. Lots of rumors and speculation about the health of Ariel Sharon. His weight in the papers (and we mean physical) was fluctuating anywhere from 110 Kg to 130 Kg (242 – 286 Lbs) amid ongoing speculation as to the state he was in on the night of the mini stroke. We now know he has 195 Cholesterol and 120 over 80 in blood pressure, what we don’t know is what exactly happened that night and how healthy he really is. We have a better chance of finding out who killed Kennedy though so no point thinking about it!

Sharon on Eretz NehedertIn a potential “Hot Potato”, Sharon ordered his campaign managers to halt all “paid bonus” schemes to member of his campaign staff for recruiting voters. Apparently the bonus plan was thought up by Avigdor Yitzchaki, campaign manager for Kadima, and was quickly stomped by Sharon when he heard about it in the news. Avigdor is an accountant. Phew…

A new addition to Kadima is Avi Dichter, ex Head of the General Security Services. He has done the research, weighed the evidence and decided to join Kadima. He first considered joining the party when he became head of the GSS. When working with government and political heads he realized the rate at which ministers where changing and noticing the lack of stability in the halls of power and the detrimental effect on work in the field he began looking into a political career. He is a patient man and should be an interesting addition to Kadima.

Stay Tuned!

Peres to Rosenblum – The Political Spectrum

I was watching a popular talk show last night and it was interesting to see the wide spectrum we have in the Knesset today. On the Yair Lapid Show, a talk show on Israel’s Arutz 2, there were two members of Knesset getting interviewed.

Shimon Peres on Yair Lapid

The first was Shimon Peres (82). Shimon Peres is a veteran in the political scene, an ex Prime Minster, one of the early founders of the Labour party and recently joined Kadima, Ariel Sharon’s party. He was the last one to speak to Sharon before his stroke this week and when asked whether he considered him a friend he answered that he did. Despite their rivalry over the years there is a mutual respect there.

Peres is currently writing his 14th book, is a world renowned politician and has been in the political arena for close to 60 years. He may be somewhat removed from the man on the street but no doubt is a very intelligent and a scholar. He had a good sense of humor in the show and when Yair implied that he and Benjamin Netanyahu were the most ridiculed of all MK’s, he insisted the title was rightfully his. Although mud slinging is a national sport for politicians in Israel, Peres has always tried to keep his hands clean and not respond to the many assaults he received over the years.

The interviewer asked a final question: “What would you like written on your tombstone?” Peres responded: “Passed away before his time”.

Pnina Rosenblum on Yair Lapid

The next Knesset member to be interviewed on the show was the newly appointed Likud member, Pnina Rosenblum (50). Running 39th in the Likud Primaries she got bumped into the seat when MK Tzachi Hanegbi left to join Kadima. She was sworn in 2 weeks ago and is now the latest edition to the Knesset.

Pnina was a model in the early 70’s and was known as a provocative sexy bombshell. There were affairs, rumors and scandals associated with her early years. She later started a singing career and continued on to launch a successful cosmetics company that today employs 150 people.

She was a little defensive in the interview and some of the answers to her questions were a little corky. She sees herself as a fighter for women’s rights and against discrimination (a sore subject and one that can use the attention). Her political career maybe very short as the number for the Likud party now seem to be in the low teens, implying that only 11-13 MK’s will represent the Likud after March. Until then however, Pnina is determined to do as much as she can with the time she has.

When asked what she would like to have written on her tombstone she answered: ”Here lies Pnina Rosenblum – Israel’s Prime Minister 2010-2016.”

Hey you never know …

Ariel Sharon has minor stroke

FYI – Just on the news. Seems like Ariel Sharon had a minor stroke. Details are still unclear, he is still in the trauma wing of Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. He apparently lost consciousness in his office and was rushed to hospital. He is currently undergoing tests.

UPDATE: He seems to be okay. Joking around and checking with doctors that “he is still here”. He reportedly told Haaretz that he “Just needed a few days off”.

Tonight is the Likud Primaries and it should be interesting. No doubt this event will have an influence and voter turn out should be higher. Silvan Shalom and Bibi are going at one another and the race seems close.

Sharon gaining in election race

In the political race seems like Sharon is gaining. In the latest poll reported by Ynet this weekend Sharon’s Kadima party has reached 39 electorals while the Labour has dropped to 23 and the Likud has risen to 13. The latest terror attack has something to with this shift as a seperate poll indicates that 70% of the population feels that Sharon would make a stronger leader on security issues as opposed to 11% for Peretz. This is a new record for Sharon’s party and has prompted him to make this face:

Ariel Sharon gains in the polls

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