By Raz Koller

Meir ArielIt’s been seven years since we said our farewells to Meir Ariel, Who died suddenly from a grave disease at the early age of 57. Meir Ariel was one of Israel’s most popular and creative song writers and poets. He wrote and performed his songs himself, but also wrote many songs for the cream of Israeli culture, with such figures as Shalom Hanoch, Arik Ainstein, David Brozza, Gidi Gov and more. He also published books of poetry, and was known to be influence by Jewish poet such as Natan Alterman and Haim Nachman Bialik, and also the American Jewish singer Bob Dylan.

Ever since he died, memorial concerts have been performed each year in his memory. Most of them took place in the kibbutz Mishmarot, where he used to live with his family. However, this year it was decided to move the main event
to the amphitheater in Cesarea . That decision was made by Terza Ariel, his widow, and Yehuda Eder, a dear friend of Meir who worked with him on many albums and projects and he’s also the artistic manager of the show.
The concert will contain new artists next to old who will perform some of Ariel’s classic song. The band “The Doll House” will perform “Mode Ani” (I Give Thanks) and “Zirey Kaitz” (Seeds Of Summer). Arcadi Duchin will perform “Omrim SheBli” (They Say That Without…) and Ehud Banai will sing “Canaan Blues”, which appeared in his last album and was written in the momery of Ariel. David Brozza will perform “Lyla Shaket” (Quiet Night) and “Mitachat Lashamaim” (Beneath the Sky). Yehuda Eder will preform “Agadat Deshe” (A Grass Legend) alongside with his wife, the actress Miki Kam.

Other musicians that will perform in the show includ Aviv Geffen (who’ll perform “Neshel Hanachash” [The Snake’s Slough]), Shalom Hanoch and Moshe Levi, Efrat Gosh, Ronit Shachar, Dori Ben-Zeev and Meir Swisa.

The concert will take place on the anniversary of his death, July 18th.