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Jews in Danger

Last week in London, two men were arrested by the police when a pro-Israel protester, standing outside the School of Oriental and African studies was bitten on the cheek and subsequently taken to the hospital.

Four members of the organization, Stand With Us, decided to go to SOAS after
learning that a Celebrate Palestine event was going down – part of Israel Apartheid Week. Two of these Jewish gentlemen, Tony Coren and Gili Brenner, went into the university and held a conversation with the student

Palestinian child

“We had placards and some information packs, and we had some very interesting and civilised discussions,” said Mr. Coren. However, the situation quickly, unexpectedly turned antagonistic, “About four or five people were standing around Gili, Ro’i Goldman, and the fourth member of our group, Dean Gold. One man
began to say some extremely unpleasant things about Jews. He said that
the best thing the Jews had ever done was to go into the gas chambers.
Dean asked if he could film him. The man said yes, adding that ‘these
things should be heard

“Another man then came forward and told the abusive man that he did not
have to be filmed or interviewed. Despite the abusive man agreeing to be
filmed, Mr Coren said, the second man, who was “big and burly and of
Middle East appearance,” allegedly launched himself at Dean, grabbing at his
camera, punching him and then biting him on the cheek….There was a struggle and the university security guards came out. A number of other people then began to say we shouldn’t be there. The president of the union came out and said we had made our point. A policeman strongly advised us to leave.”

Jenni Frazer, of the Jewish Chronicle Online, reported:

“Ro’i Goldman, who plans to study in the UK next year, said he was very shocked by the experience. But Tony Coren said he was not shocked, but was angry that the university authorities had indicated that by their very presence, the Stand With Us
protesters had possibly provoked the attack.”

Meanwhile, an IDF officer suffered slight injuries on Yom Purim during a scuffle on Yehuda Hayamit Street in Jaffa. A captain in the Armored Corps, the officer was attacked from behind by an unidentified assailant while sitting on a bench. The assailant stabbed him once in the chest and snatched his rifle.

The officer was evacuated to the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Beyond the Palin

Meanwhile, 2008 vice Presidential nominee, former Alaskan governor, and American Republican Party mogul, Sarah Palin visited the Kotel on Purim. She is scheduled to have dinner with Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife on Monday. Reuters reported that she said Israel is “too apologetic.”

Reuters Has the Scoop

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Hamas men broke into a Reuters office in Gaza and assaulted one journalist, clobbering him with a metal pole and breaking his arm.

Hamas is divided over Mahmoud Abbas’ offer to visit Gaza and conduct conference with Hamas leaders about the formation of a Palestinian Unity government.

Rising Hatred

Sadly, anti-Semitism reared its ugly head in 2009 in formidable measures, especially in Western Europe. The record number of incidents was the largest since World War II. The first three months of the year saw more anti-Semitism than all of 2008.

The sharpest increase was in France, where 631 anti-Semitic incidents happened in the first half of 2009 (compared with 474 throughout 2008); Britain came in second with over 600 incidents, while the Netherlands recorded 100 anti-Semitic acts – the same number as the year before.

In addition to the increase in the number of cases, the severity of the attacks also escalated. Hundreds of incidents were considered extremely violent, and included eight murders:

Six slain during the terror attack in Mumbai, India.

Johanna Justin-Jinich, a Jewish student, murdered in Connecticut.

The security guard, Stephen T. Johns that was killed during the attack on the holocaust museum in Washington D.C.

This does not count Israeli casualties.

The “modern blood-libel” phenomenon was very much prevalent: one Swedish newspaper article accused Israel of organ trafficking. There have also been reports of Israeli organ trafficking in Haiti. Anti-Semitic TV shows have been broadcasted in several Muslim countries including Turkey.

Also seen was an increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents that stem from domestic political conflicts ahead of elections, like those that occurred in Hungary and the Ukraine, with cooperation between radical left factions and Muslim communities.

The report done by Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism (CFCA) also noted that when governments actively battle Anti-Semitism, it results in cases such as those that were witnessed in the U.S., Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

One of the report’s main findings was that some 42% of Western European citizens, mainly from Poland and Spain, believe Jews exploit their past as victims in order to extort money.

The report was published in time for the International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism and the Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, which happened on January 27th.

Duck George, Duck!


When I saw this I was actually surprised by the responsiveness of the American president. Not bad at all. I think that most world leaders, especially some of the guys we have here would definitely have gotten whacked by one of those shoes.

I was also surprised by the ease with which one could approach the US President and the really slow reaction of the Secret Service. They were really in slow mode. I guess all the good guys are watching the new guy 🙂

In any case about the shoes themselves: In Iraqi culture, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of contempt (Al Jazeera) in case you had any doubt.. So of course is calling someone a dog.

And on the topics of dogs… This is a new YouTube hit:


The War That Almost Was – Syria Confirms Nuclear Hit

F151Well, this morning its official. The hit on Syria was a hit on a Nuclear facility, the Syrian Foreign Minister confirmed today. No great surprise there. Still for a country always on the brink of something it was a little closer then even we like it. The Ophthalmologist, unlike his father, seems intent on getting into it with us and he is definitely cruising for a bruising. Assuming that Syria manages to get a nuke, what then?

Someone sent me this (Hat Tip: Joe) and I think its worth a read, “So Close To War”:

A meticulously planned, brilliantly executed surgical strike by Israeli jets on a nuclear installation in Syria on 6 September may have saved the world from a devastating threat. The only problem is that no one outside a tight-lipped knot of top Israeli and American officials knows precisely what that threat involved.

This is apparently what went down:

According to American sources, Israeli intelligence tracked a North Korean vessel carrying a cargo of nuclear material labelled ‘cement’ as it travelled halfway across the world. On 3 September the ship docked at the Syrian port of Tartous and the Israelis continued following the cargo as it was transported to the small town of Dayr as Zawr, near the Turkish border in north-eastern Syria.

The destination was not a complete surprise. It had already been the subject of intense surveillance by an Israeli Ofek spy satellite, and within hours a band of elite Israeli commandos had secretly crossed into Syria and headed for the town. Soil samples and other material they collected there were returned to Israel. Sure enough, they indicated that the cargo was nuclear.

Three days after the North Korean consignment arrived, the final phase of Operation Orchard was launched. With prior approval from Washington, Israeli F151 jets were scrambled and, minutes later, the installation and its newly arrived contents were destroyed.

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