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Regular Hamas vs Ultra Hamas & Syrian Scud Accident

Abdel Latif MoussaJund Ansar Allah, an Al Qaeda-inspired Gaza-based ultra radical terrorist organization calling for strict Islamic law in the strip, has been pretty upset with Hamas lately for honoring a 7-month ceasefire with Israel, so they did the most logical thing: They tried to launch a coup and declare a Muslim emirate in Gaza two days ago and got themselves all killed.

A gun battle ensued around a Mosque, the Jund people blew themselves up with the ever popular suicide vest (really in style these days in the Strip), and their leader Abdel Latif Moussa blew himself up later in his home.

While these people don’t exactly fit the adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” at least they’ve been causing Hamas some trouble. And really, I’d much prefer an enemy who hates ceasefires like these guys who REALLY fight to the death over a group like Hamas, because at least with these diehards you can actually finish a war until one side wins and the other actually loses.

Taher a-Nunu, a Hamas government spokesman, said Jund Ansar Allah was responsible for a spate of bombings against coffee shops, hair salons, Internet cafes and restaurants over the past few years. I wonder where they got the idea to do such things.

Moussa was a physician employed in the Health ministry of the PA, which is funded by basically everyone in the world looking to pour money into the hands of these kinds of people in an attempt to Promote the Peace Process. Better luck next time with the promoting, as they say.

The confrontation started when Moussa and about 100 of his followers, in truly gutsy style, suddenly declared that they were taking over Gaza with Moussa at the head, so Hamas got a bit miffed and started shooting. Among the dead were 6 Hamas policemen, as well as Muhammad al-Shamali, Hamas military commander in the south of the Strip who was involved in the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. May he enjoy his 72 virgins.

In other news concerning enemies of Israel blowing themselves up, it has been reported that 20 Syrians were killed and over 60 were injured in a failed Scud missile test carried out back in May by the dynamic trio Syria, Iran, and North Korea, best of buds. One of two missiles being tested went off course and landed in the middle of a marketplace near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Reported by Kyodo News, the exploded area was closed off to the public, who were then told that there was a mysterious gas explosion.

Well, of sorts, sure.

The King and Them: Thai Royal Family Show Their Mettle

Thai Royal Family Thailand is generally a peaceful country; and one of the most popular for young trippers, particularly Israelis. Events of the past few days, in which Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was deposed in a bloodless Coup d’Etat, ousted the luckless P.M. while he was attending the annual U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York. News clips showed the Thai Army positioning tanks and soldiers all over the capital, Bangkok, and what appears to be joyful acceptance by the Thai population, wearing the yellow colors of the Thai opposition political party, and passing out yellow roses to the soldiers. These events have brought attention once more to an element which has been considered as one of the pillars of Thai society: that being the Thai Royal Family.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit have been on the Royal Siamese Throne for more than 60 years, perhaps the world’s longest reining monarchs. Their Majesties recently celebrated this anniversary with a very festive nation-wide anniversary event on July 12. The Thai army, being almost like the personal palace guards of the royal family, were quick to seize the opportunity of ousting Mr. Shinawatra who had become increasingly unpopular, and had refused to reassign his position, despite Parliamentary calls for him to do so. The P.M.’s problems began in earnest a few months back when the Shin Corporation, owned by his family, was sold to the Tema Sek Holding Company for the hefty sum of $ 1.88 Billion, in a deal smacking of conflict of interest; and far worse than Israel’s so-called “Greek Island Affair” in which former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his son Gadi were accused of being involved in.

The Coup, in which the Thai military have temporarily assumed power, seems to have the support of the Thai population, and life appears to be going on normally there, with even the tourists not seeming to be concerned. The Royal Family, even though considered as ‘figureheads’ appear to have a say in these goings on, and maybe this is why King Bhumibol and his wife have been on the throne for so many years. Most people outside of Thailand, when hearing about the Thai royal family, think romantically about the Novel: Anna and the King of Siam, as well as that classical film, The King and I, in which American bald actor Yul Brenner won an academy award for his role as His Majesty the King. This romanticism has been part of both Siamese and Thai tradition for well over a century, and King Bhumibol’s long reign has been one of the most popular of any modern royal family.

The political turmoil in Thailand will sort itself out soon enough, as the generally friendly and docile Thai people love calm and ‘continuity’. They also love the huge income their country receives from tourism, which has carried on despite the temporary setback from the December 2004 tsunami tidal wave. Though Their Majesties will not live forever, the Siamese Throne will carry on, as their loving subjects want it so. And, as a small addendum, next time you sit down to eat a tuna or shrimp salad, as well as use some Soya or sweet chili sauce on your food, you might glance first at the label of the container to see where it came from.

Long live Thailand and its beautiful people!

(Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia)

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