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Friendship & Kabbalah The Ever Growing Tradition

Dancing Group of Religious Men in IsraelTwo weeks ago, the New York Times had an article about Kabbalistic dancers, it was a reminder of the ubiquity and diversity of the various forms of this ancient mysticism; today, Kabbalah is not just a red-string on the left wrist of Ashton Kutcher, it connects to various aspects of our lives in ways that are sometimes hard to foretell and are always interesting and enriching.

Two of the main fields Kabbalah has always had a hold in are art and jewelry, spiritual home decor and jewelry engraved with verses or blessed with special meaning for a certain purpose. In such a popular and long-established world it’s hard to create something new, but like the Kabbalah modern dancing group, examples of creativity are out there waiting to be found.

Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet by MIZZE
Mizze Jewelry, a company in Israel recently created a new line of handmade jewelry that combines two very traditional and popular ideas, the red string strand from Rachel’s Tomb and the friendship bracelet we all know and love, the result is what they call the Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet.
How is it done you wonder, well, within the hand knit friendship bracelet given by men and women of all ages throughout the world, runs a single Red String strand believed to offer the wearer protection and ward off spiritual harm.

What caught my eye about the combination is the fact that the idea marries a worldwide cultural tradition to the ancient Kabbalah mystical tradition while managing to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of each, love and friendship are interweaved with good fortune and safekeeping.

MIZZE Designer Jewelry Made for Luck

MIZZEWhen the Jews of the Diaspora began moving around the world in an attempt to assimilate into new societies while sustaining their own culture, they found success in two main fields; the first was as money-lenders and the second was as artisans. There is something in the Jewish Neshama that lends itself to creative output.

As most of you know, Israel has become a global fashion hotspot; a volcano of new trends and hip and fashionable wear. A new jewelry line out of Israel called MIZZE is an example of this Jewish flare for creativity and originality.

MIZZEMIZZE is a designer line of casual jewelry, and they say that it is all “made for luck.” Because we live in such hectic times, Mizze’s jewelry focuses on balance and positive spiritual energy. They’re necklaces, anklets and bracelets are casual and everyday type of wear, however they bring the Mediterranean breeze from the Tel Aviv coast to where ever the person wearing them travels.

MIZZEThe line is designed by a completely independent studio here b’Eretz. Everything is crafted by hand and made with natural materials. The chords employ traditional patterns in knitting and weaving; and the charms are ancient symbols with the occasional embedded script of both modern Hebrew and ancient Hebrew characters.

The seamless blending of hip contemporary style with ancient Jewish themes by Mizze is very nouveau-Israeli and can be found at fine retail outlets and jewelry stores.

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