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Kidnapped, or “guests” of the Palestinians?

Kidnapped or guests of the Palestinians? Breaking news reports of Fox News journalists Steven Centanni and Olaf Wiig being released by their Palestinian captors, after the two were forced to convert to Islam, was greeted with a sigh of relief today by their Fox News colleagues, as well as by the world media in general. Centanni, Fox’ news anchorman for the Middle East, and Centanni, a Fox cameraman, had been held in captivity for two weeks by a previously unknown Palestinian “splinter group” who made to two not only make remarks against both America and Israel, but to undergo a forced conversion, under gunpoint, to Islam. Though the abduction of Centanni and Wiig were the longest of its kind by the Palestinians, it is definitely not the longest kidnapping of foreigners in this part of the word. News media staff members, and other people as well, have been kidnapped and held by similar insurgent groups in Iraq for months, before being either released of killed by their captors.

Though these two men are now greatly relieved to be free, and will soon be reunited with their families, other captives, Israeli Army corporal Gilad Shavit, and reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. These three are still the ‘guests’ of either the Hezbollah or of the Palestinians, and their fate is still unknown as no one in Israel has actually seen them since their abductions (Gilad has been missing for nearly six weeks now). Converting to Islam, as Centanni and Wiig are alleged to have done, is a phenomena that has been common throughout Islamic history. What makes this appear to be the norm in the Islamic world is especially true when heard about by Western Society. It’s very simple. Throughout Islam’s colorful history, many Muslims are the product of forced conversions; just like conversions to Christianity were in Spain, Italy, and Portugal during the time of the Inquisition. Though Mr. Centanni and Wiig’s conversions will most likely be disavowed by both, this wasn’t the case in Muslim countries, and many Muslims living today in the Middle East once belonged to other religious faiths.

The three Israeli captives have not been heard from, and no video tapes or DVD’s have been made with their statements, and was the case with the Fox Newsmen. This reality always presents a worrisome picture, as whether the three men are being treated decently; or whether they are even still alive. Hezbollah has so far never released any live Israeli captives, except for Elkanah Tanenbaum. And Tanenbaum’s silence during the entire 34 day ‘Lebanon II” conflict makes many wonder exactly what his real situation might have been during his three years as a ”guest” of the Hezbollah. Will the three captive IDF soldiers, all Jewish, also be given the ‘opportunity’ to convert to Islam as well?

Only with the release of the three Israeli soldiers will their tale be known to both Israel and the world at large. And that is providing they live to tell it.

(Photograph courtesy of AP.)

Lebanon Front Now Open for Business

Israel back in LebanonThis morning 2 soldiers were kidnapped on the northern border and so far there are 11 wounded. There is now fighting on two fronts and we are glued to the news again. There is no doubt that this was expected. Announcements in previous days calling for the kidnapping of additional soldiers by Islamic groups now prove to be the course of action in our region.

The army is chasing down the captors and an operation is underway to destroy key bridges and infrastructure in the hope of returning the soldier. People are looking at Olmert and Peretz the new prime minister and Defense Minister. This is a test for them as well and they need to balance the gut impulse and the fanatic voices in government that call for an immediate escalation and war on both fronts. On the other hand this is the Middle East. That means that when someone comes at you and tries to push you around you stomp them immediately and with conviction. This is a test for the new government and the leadership. The army is willing and more then able. It’s now time to settle the score.

Ynet News reports:

Under massive fire in a coordinated attack, Hezbollah kidnaps two IDF soldiers, demands prisoner release in exchange for troops. Israel confirms two soldiers missing. IDF strikes targets in south Lebanon, conducts ground search in bid to locate troops.

“In accordance with the obligations the Hezbollah movement has taken on itself to release the prisoners and detainees, the movement managed to capture two soldiers on the border with occupied Palestine. The two were taken to a safe place,” the Lebanese organization declared in a statement aired on its television station al-Manar.

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