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Gaza – The Information War

The war in Gaza and its surrounding Israeli cities is waging still, with no clear end in sight. Yet in this age of abundant technology and streaming information, there is also a propaganda war simultaneously going on via television networks, personal blogs, and YouTube videos. One enthusiastic even programmed a simple video game to demonstrate the war tactics, as he sees it.

This is a brief collection of home-made videos, news briefings, and the aforementioned notorious game.

Danny Gillerman, Israel’s former ambassador to the UN speaks about the war, 12/28/08:

“Raid Gaza” Flash Game – Gain Extra Points for Bombing a Hospital:

Annie Lennox on the Humanitarian perspective:

Qassams on Europe, a fictional cartoon:

2 Qassams are launched while CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports from the border:

When the alarm goes off, people in Sderot have 15 seconds to find cover:

Fanvids for the Municipal Elections

The Israeli municipal elections are taking place November 11. The race in Tel Aviv particularly is gathering much attention this year.

City for All is one party that is receiving a lot of publicity from supporting residents, whom you can see walk the streets wearing the party t-shirts. The blogosphere is also very abuzz with support for this specific party.

Another party who runs for city council is Meretz. It is a well-established leftist party, which has been around for much longer, and is holding a very similar agenda to City for All.

Ofer Fein and Eran Neufeld produced an amusing animated clip, which aims to make the point that Meretz is already fighting — and has been fighting for a long time — all the battles that several new niche parties are trying to claim for themselves.

The video features the voice of a clueless girl who doesn’t know which way to vote. She makes a list of all the issues that exist in the race (each issue with its own niche party): Housing and transportation, the environment, the gay community, animal welfare, Jaffa, young people’s rights, the elderly. Eventually, she realized Meretz has credentials for taking care of all these issues.

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