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Rescue 24 abused boys – save their home from closure!

Orr Shalom’s Reut home cares for 24 boys, who have suffered the most extreme physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse and neglect. Due to their traumatic life experiences they endure deep behavioral, learning, and psychiatric difficulties. Their vulnerability is so acute, that Reut is their last chance. No other program in Israel will welcome and care for such severe cases. Without Reut, these boys have nowhere else to go – they would end up on the street, in psychiatric wards or juvenile detention centers. Without Reut they have no other hope for a better future.

In 2010, the Ministry of Welfare decided to close down Reut because its facilities were cramped and dilapidated. Following a long battle, they finally allowed Orr Shalom to keep it open but only if we urgently renovate the entire facility.

We urgently need to raise $25,000 by 31 March 2012 for the first stage of renovations.

If we are unable to raise the money needed for the full renovations, Reut will shut down, and the boys will have nowhere to go. The work includes building a bomb shelter and totally refurbishing the living and sleeping quarters.

Rescue 24 abused boys – save their home from closure!


Save an Angel: Amit Kadosh Bone Marrow Donation Drive Today

Amit Kadosh

Amit Kadosh

Today Jan 21st, 2009 is the Bone Marrow Recruitment day for this 6 year old angel – time is running out. The cost of each of these tests is 180 NIS – So let the moth out of your wallet and give now !!!

The story is from the good people at Ezer Mizion

Amit Kadosh turned six years old on September 3rd. Her father Yuval is a sales manager, and her mother Naomi, a travel agent. Amit has an eight year old brother named Omer.

Amit began first grade at the local K’far Saba elementary school on September 1. About a month later, she was diagnosed with AML, a kind of leukemia which is rarely found in children.

Ezer Mizion and their corps of volunteers have been at the side of Amit and her family from their very first day at the oncology ward in Schneider’s Children’s Hospital, assisting them in many ways. Ezer Mizion’s Oranit Guest Home for children with cancer in Petach Tikvah has become one of Amit’s favorite spots.

Amit is an endearing child, and the personal charm that she exudes endears her to the entire staff of the hospital as well as Ezer Mizion’s staff and volunteers.

Amit KadoshThe municipality of Kfar Sabba, where Amit’s family lives, and her school have both “adopted” Amit and her family with great warmth. Students in the school regularly send her pictures, flowers, candy and gifts. When her medical condition allows it, the teachers come to visit her. Between treatments, Amit sometimes goes out with her family to a park near her house, and her classmates come to meet her there, in the open air, where there is less risk of her becoming infected by illnesses that can endanger her life.

Recently, on a day when Amit was feeling well, she came to school with an enormous chocolate cake and gave out slices to her classmates, as a token of appreciation for their concern and caring. The encounter was a tremendously emotional one for everyone present.

In order to save Amit’s life, she desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. Her brother Omer, who was the most likely candidate for an optimum match, was tested and found to be incompatible. The only chance for Amit is to find a donor from an unrelated stem cell donor. Until now, no matching donor has been found in any registry in the world.

Ezer Mizion has scheduled a stem cell donor recruitment drive in the hope that the person who will be Amit’s perfect match will join the registry and save her life. The drive will take place throughout Israel on Wednesday, January 21. We hope that thousands of donors will join that day and save Amit’s life and the life of hundreds of other patients across the globe whose only hope for survival is a stem cell transplant.

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