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Video Campaign for Kabbalah Bracelet Line Goes Live

MIZZE has also recently launched a funny (some say corky) online video campaign for their line of bracelets. The Israeli company has been making their own brand of Kabbalah inspired jewelry for 3 years.

The campaign was prompted by the just released line of new Kabbalah bracelets. MIZZE is a small jewelry studio in Israel that has its own line of unique Kabbalah jewelry. Their line includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Their newest addition includes what they call “Red String Inside” bracelets – Kabbalah bracelets with an authentic Rachel’s tomb red string inter-woven into the bracelets. Rachel was a matriarch in biblical times and is revered in Christianity and Judaism.

The bracelet is intricately woven into a cotton thread with a seal of King Solomon amulet included as a charm. In ancient legend, the seal was said to give King Solomon mystic powers. Every bracelet includes a different seal that has special divine properties (Love, Positive Changes, Health and so on..) and holds some spiritual or emotional significance for the bearer.

Even though the jewelry is inspired by Kabbalah, it is also perfectly suitable for fashion wear. Those who are not drawn by its spiritual origins will at least find its design appealing enough for regular wear and use. For Jews, Christians and some new agers, the item has a deeper meaning and reflects an esoteric belief and practice that is such an integral part of the person’s life.

All jewelry available at MIZZE is crafted from quality organic materials and 925 Sterling Silver, so they make great gift options for those looking for a present with some sentimental value. The new Kabbalah bracelets at MIZZE come in up to 10 different colors for the band and a different Solomon Seal made from sterling silver for each one.

Bringing That Israeli Magic Home

Want to bring some of the magic of the Holy Land home to your land without having to pack your suitcase and worry about airlines and hotels and all of that stuff?

Well there are several ways to bring that magic into your life. One of them is going to synagogue, or you can read One Jerusalem.

Still, another way is by immersing yourself in Israeli fashion. How can you do that? Why, it’s easy! You can check out the brand new E-store Hamsa Jewelry.

These guys are amazing! A perfect example of what makes this country so exciting and unique!

An electronic store in hot Web 2.0 fashion, with fun and hip Kabbalah jewelry and accessories.

Flip through the electronic catalog of anklets, bracelets, accessories, earrings and necklaces, and sort by artist, gemstone, material, price, color and charm. With the prices and selection available, you really can’t go wrong.

Anyway, this is what I love about Israel: The unique fashion and visions brought by clever and forward thinking people.

Great energy, great people, and great Kabbalah jewelry.


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