KhameneiRumor’s a ‘brewin! Now this sounds all cloak-and-dagger and such. Begin playing Mission Impossible Theme now. It indeed looks and seems so, and if so, then talk about really good timing on God’s part, or whoever’s in charge of comas these days, Chance, or something.

Supposedly, a guy named Michael Ledeen, a specialist on Iran and a past consultant for different US governments, has cited an “excellent source” who is “a person who is in a position to know such things,” such things being that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is comatose. Granted, Ladeen has falsely reported Khamenei’s death in the past, but this time he really thinks he’s on to something.
Ledeen quotes his source as saying that the Will of Allah on Earth collapsed on Monday and that his status is “in the hands of the gods.” My question is, gods? Aren’t Muslims monotheists? But anyway.

Ledeen writes in his blog that the past few months have taken a real toll on the Ayatollah, with people in Iran challenging his infallibility and divine status. Getting your divine status challenged can get quite annoying, as we all know. His health, Ledeen writes, has been “aggravated by his nervous condition due to his inability to solve the problems created by his manipulation of the election results and the refusal of a large part of the population to accept this,” as well as “his loss of religious authority by means of the repeated condemnations of events by senior clerics.”

Here’s the importance in all this. The Iranian government is tipsy as it is, with a good proportion of the population really peeved about their loss of freedoms and the rigged Iranian election. With the supposed will of Allah now in a coma, there is a huge power vacuum, assuming Allah won’t come down and name a new mouthpiece any time soon, which I’m willing to bet won’t happen.

If this is true, then we should very soon start seeing the opposition in Iran rise up again, now that Ahmadinejad’s backing isn’t quite conscious. It might just give the window of opportunity necessary to spark a revolution in the nick of time. Then again, maybe it’s just a rumor.

Here’s to hoping. If true, OneJerusalem certainly does not wish Khamenei a speedy recovery.