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Germany Deems Settlements the Cause of Middle East Turmoil

Along with 13 other members of the United Nations Security Council – that is everyone, discounting U.S. president Obama – Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany voted in favor of a resolution deeming Jewish settlements outside of pre-1967 borders, illegal.

Germany historically has voted ‘nay’ or abstained from voting in any laws criticizing the Jewish State. Chairman of the German Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Ruprecht Polenz, told the New York Times’ Judy Dempsey:

“the vote was highly unusual…It means that Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to explain to the Israeli government that with the extraordinary changes taking place across the Middle East, time is not on its side when it comes to resolving the conflict with the Palestinians…”

Merkel’s calling Jewish settlements the true flashpoint of the conflict is a misnomer. The source of the conflict really goes back to the beginning of the 20th century; and some would argue it is really a metaphysical phenomenon, one that Germany knows better than anyone else in the world.

When Netanyahu caught wind of Merkel’s change of heart he furiously phoned the Chancellor to make clear his grievance. The conversation leaked to Haaretz:

Merkel replied to Bibbi’s complaint:

“How dare you?”

“You are the one who has disappointed us. You haven’t made a single step to advance peace.”

Last year, the German Parliament unanimously passed a resolution criticizing the blockade of Gaza and Israel’s storming of the Mavi Marmara.

Israeli and German relations are now the rockiest they have been in some 63 years.

Fundamentalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fundamentalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina probably deserves more attention as a sociological and political phenomenon, than it does in other European countries. It is a country with a very weak democratic and parliamentary tradition, until 15 years ago Bosnia suffered from extremely destructive war which in this case was more than just a civil war. The territory of the country was literally trampled by many paramilitary forces and by ambiguous political regimes from both inside of country and the neighborhood. Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the rare European countries with a Muslim majority, struggles with a difficult political system, an economy that is in an unsustainable state. It has huge unemployment and corruption rates and the highest illiteracy rate in Europe. This small country is comprised of three constitutive peoples: Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, which are characterized by three different and strong religious communities: Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Catholic Christians.

Many of European and domestic officials have for some time believed that Bosnia might be the potential zone of rising terrorism. The terrorist attack in the town of Bugojno on the 27th of June and the case of the village of Gornja Maoca where, on the 2nd of February, Special Forces of Bosnian security agencies entered the isolated Wahhabi community are a few major incidents which exemplify the rise of Fundamentalism in Bosnia in 2010.

Fundamentalism seems to be growing in the country, notably among the youth and even in the youth intellectual circles. Individuals, shaken by uncertainty, search for ways to secure themselves. Several internet based sites promote the alternative ways of surviving. Domestic media promote Fundamentalism often enunciated by people close to clerical institutions.

They don’t belong here, they should go back to the places where they come from… They have nothing to do with Bosnia and Bosnian traditions, they have never existed in Bosnia before the war…

Said Samra, a 22 year old student of Sociology, about Wahhabi movement members in Bosnia.

There are many Wahhabi followers in Bosnia. They came here from Arab countries during the war. Nobody asked them to come, and they should return… They are destroying the dignity of Bosnian people…

Samra added.

Male members of Wahhabi movement are easily recognizable on the street by their specific wardrobe and their long beards. Females are required to wear a hijab. It is widely believed, as Samra said, that members of Wahhabi and other similar groups came to Bosnia from the Middle East. This is actually not true. Most of them, about 97%, are domestic or from neighborhood countries.

It’s not about ideology, it is about surviving. Everybody knows that every girl that ’covers’ herself gets money, I don’t know how much, but they say it’s about 300 euro’s per month. Anyone can do it, even me…

Said Selma, 21, other student from the University of Sarajevo, but she fails to say where that money comes from.

When analyzing diverse forms of Fundamentalism there is one other term that is used a lot in the field and that is the notion of supremacy, although the groups following this ideology of supremacy usually avoid this term and often identify them self’s as a part of Neo-Nazi movement.

In the Bosnia’s case, things are more specific. First of all there is an anti-Semitism, motivated mainly by the emphasized empathy of Bosnian Muslims exclusively with Muslims from Israel and Palestine. Many of Bosnian Muslim citizens are very critical of Israeli political decisions, and often blame Jewish people globally for most of today’s World’s problems. The wars on the Middle East are seen as pure aggression and never as a multisided conflict or civil war caused by complex dynamics on the region. There is actually inflexibility in the reasoning of the majority which is often governed by the notion of Muslims brotherhood and not by the fact that there are people belonging to no matter what ethnicity in the Middle East who are affected by or involved in war. Such deviation and generalization lead often to increasing of the prejudices’ against Jewish people, and fit into the concept of Neo-Nazi ideology.

Bosnian Movement of National Pride is a Neo-Nazi group represented in February 2010 in Bosnia. Aside of proclaiming Jews as their enemies, this group lists many others: Gypsies, ex-Yugoslavian president and Communist leader Josip Broz Tito, Communists, homosexuals and blacks, than Chetniks (Serbian nationalist paramilitary organization), Croatian separatists and even radical Islamists. This group launched the site, where they declared radical views about Bosnian constitution, and made announcements of their future actions. Yet again, they are blaming the Zionists for the current disrupted state in the World.

Today I went to buy my breakfast before going to my Faculty, but I didn’t know what to buy. Everything is produced by Jews. There was one ‘free’ Serbian company that produces food, but recently Jews bought it too. I don’t want to buy anything that is made by Jews. I don’t want to sponsor an evil.

Says Amela, Medical student from Sarajevo.

In general, Bosnian Fundamentalism is most often associated with Islamic terrorism. It is believed that Fundamentalism in Bosnia is getting stronger every day because of the lack of the political will to resolve the problem, and because of desperate economic circumstances that are getting worse with the time.

Bosnian politicians are not aware of the urgency and size of the problem, and in rare moments when they are, they are using it for their political aims…

Said Nihad, professor from Sarajevo, after Bugojno terrorist attack in June.

Such situations are defining more and more the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe and the rest of the World. Government officials recently stated that there are three thousands of potential terrorists in the country.

It remains to be seen if freshly formed Government can change directions of ideological temptations in Bosnian society. It is believed, also, that the travel visa free regime, that Bosnia is about to reach in few months, will assist in opening up communications and help to deflect people from fundamentalist ideas.

Russia Steps In

President MedvedevPresident of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev has urged the United States to actively work to achieve peace in the Middle East – citing the “human tragedy in Gaza”.
The comment apparently indicates Moscow’s willingness to become an active Middle East mediator. Are they wanted? Last week, during a visit to Syria, Medvedev said that the Israeli-Arab tension threatens to draw the Middle East into a “new catastrophe”.

Bibi, despite insider allegations of the contrary, claims that he does not “intend to halt construction of Jewish housing in east Jerusalem”. The Palestinians, of course, accuse the Jewish Country of undermining trust and urge Obama, who supports establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, to intervene.

Medvedev claims that no one should be excluded from the peace process, clearly referencing Khaled Mashaal, the exiled leader of Hamas – shunned as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and European Union nations – and rightly so. Medvedev did urge Mashaal to free Gilad Shalit, according to Kremlin spokeswoman, Natalia Timakova, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

At the meeting in Damascus with Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, the two presidents agreed on the affirmation of Iran’s right to develop a nuclear energy program.

Rare One-Time Interview!

One Jerusalem: Thank you for this interview Lord, we know that you are quite busy these days.

El: It is my pleasure Man. I am here for you…

One Jerusalem: With hopes that we shall dedicate ourselves to your service?

El: Yes, exactly, that is what I meant.

One Jerusalem: Let’s begin from the beginning, shall we?

El: Let’s

One Jerusalem: How old were you when you created the universe and everything in it?

El: Good question. I cannot give you an exact age like, 55, 17, 33,000. I am eternal.

One Jerusalem: That’s impressive.

El: Thanks.

One Jerusalem: So, why DID you decide to create the universe?

El: It is my nature to create.

One Jerusalem: Can you expound?

El: Well, if I didn’t create the universe, what would I do? Sit around and eat everything bagels with lox and chive cream cheese? HAHAHA. I would be lonely, you know? Like my son Adam. So I created you and your world. Do you enjoy it?

One Jerusalem: Lord, please let me do the interviewing.

El: Very well.

One Jerusalem: How do you feel about the Middle East conflict?

El: It breaks my heart. I see the way that the world treats you, Israel. And you ARE my special nation.

One Jerusalem: Thank you. Can you explain a little more?

El: That boy Ishmael has had a stick up his ass for years. I give him free will and he makes wrong choices. It’s chutzpa, really… gavalt! Can you say gavalt?

One Jerusalem: Gavalt!

El: Thank you.

One Jerusalem: Thank YOU El! Have you noticed that the nations in the last 40 years or so, regardless of religion, tend to want to make Israel weaker? They pressure us to give away the land which YOU gave us, and OUR military bravely recaptured in self-defense? And they make an argument that we are like the SS and that we should give OUR land back to ex-Jordanians and violent extremist Muslims in the name of Human Rights.

EL: I’ve noticed that Son of Adam. They’re nuts…they were nuts not to take the Torah when I offered it to them, and it IS the blueprint which I used to create the universe…they’re nuts to worship that Jesus and that Mohamet – although they were good boys — and they’re nuts that sit in that United Nations. Oh, look at us, we’re the United Nations. Israel can never be a member, I am so important. You are not El! You are silly…

One Jerusalem: I’ve noticed that El. What’s your favorite color?

El: I like the color green, the color of envy. It reminds me of your brother Esau. HAHAHA

One Jerusalem: HAHAHA. I thought you were going to say Red, because it is the color of royalty, like yourself.

El: Nope. HAHAH. But that’s a good color too. HAHAHA. I am running out of time. I have to go show some mercy to Haitian orphans.

One Jerusalem: Well you ARE the father of mercy…

El: So I am…So I am…

One Jerusalem: How about that 9/11. That really sent the world spinning off of its axis. What ACTUALLY happened that day, and why?

El: No comment.

One Jerusalem: One last question. Why the Holocaust?

El: That’s my one regret son. Don’t beat yourself up. I did a Freudian analysis of that cuckold Hitler, and I saw what a base knave he was. My bad. He was as defective a human being as I’ve ever made. My mistake, my mistake…Rest assured, I sent him to hell with Dante and Haman

One Jerusalem: Well we appreciate your time, or shall I say: we appreciate TIME in general?

El: It is for YOU to make the most of son.

One Jerusalem: Good advice…Any last words of advice to share with our online audience?

El: Pray. And keep writing this blog…Your father in Heaven will keep on reading…We get very strong wireless connection up there.

One Jerusalem: Of course. Wait lord, are you sending us a Messiah?

El: Pray.

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