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Syriasly Delicious Apples

“Returning” the Golan Heights to Syria, from whom the land was captured following the Six Day War in 1967 is probably not such a smart notion. Not today. Not tomorrow. Perhaps nor the day after tomorrow would it be a good notion to cede land to Syria.

Here is what Israel can do to honor justice:

They can donate apples to the Syrians. Actually, 12,000 tons were transferred by IDF forces across the border via the Quneitra crossing.

These apples, grown in the Golan Heights by Druze farmers, carry diplomatic significance:

“Each apple equals assistance to Druze farmers on both sides of the border..”

explained Captain Adham Rad, commander of the Quneitra crossing.

“Some Druze families are separated by the border…and Israel, showing its desire for peace, works to accommodate their needs, making sure they lead normal lives.”

Israeli authorities approved the project that began six years ago, and the Red Cross is the neutral envoy required for launching the project.

The Red Cross has representatives on either side of the border and supplies the trucks and Kenyan drivers who transfer the apples from Israeli to Syrian trucks. Then, from Syria, the apples are marketed to Persian Gulf countries.

The videos below are about as close as you would want to be to Syria, under Baath Party control, these days:

Palestinians and Israelis to create music together in Tel Aviv

THIS was just sent to me and I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Sounds like a good cause:

On June 18th 2009 a group of fifteen young Israelis and Palestinians will come together in Tel Aviv to show that music can overcome conflict by creating a unique track and video.

The project is a collaboration between peace organisation Windows for Peace and pioneering London-based music college Point Blank. Robert Cowan, founder of Point Blank, is a frequent visitor to the Middle East; four years ago he formulated an idea for using the Point Blank training system to engage young people from Israel and Palestine and bring them together through music and film-making. He says: “It’s been a long and bumpy road but finally the dream is about to happen.”

The group will record an original track and make an accompanying music video to explore issues relevant to their lives and experiences. They will learn new skills, enabling them to apply their talent and imagination to bring about peaceful change through the power of music.

More than just working together on a creative project, the group will be living, eating and sharing every moment of their lives for a two-week period. The resulting music video will be disseminated via TV and web to reach a worldwide public, showing young people in the region that communication with the ‘enemy’ is not only possible, but desirable and fruitful.

Music Production tutor Mohammed Nazam, born in Pakistan, and the founder of London-based multi-faith band Berakah, says:

“It’s important that during challenging times like these the people and organisations who are working for peace step up a gear and show the world that there are ways of increasing understanding and crossing religious, national and cultural divides. The work that Windows for Peace are doing with Israelis and Palestinians is incredibly important and I am touched and honoured to have been asked by Rob and Point Blank to be involved in this initiative; I absolutely believe that no matter what, hatred and war are truly not viable options.”

Rob is thrilled to see his vision finally come to life: “It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but I am very excited that this summer young Israelis and Palestinians will be working together on this creative project. I can’t wait to see the results!”

At a time when it is more important than ever for both sides in the Middle East conflict to understand each other, it is the hope of Point Blank and Windows that this project will sow the seeds of reconciliation.

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